From the Officiating Principal’s desk

On Education –

The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of Truth.

The essence of education lies in its goal and the goal of every educationist is to facilitate education – JFK.

The changing trends of education have forced many educators to change the policy. Jai Hind focuses all its policies on the upbringing and the prime focus is on the essence of having bright citizens who will be the future of the country.

The future of every country lies in the four walls of a classroom – Indira Gandhi.

Jai Hind is known for its unspoiled and pristine culture that has changed lives of thousands of students as its alma mater.
Our strenuous efforts are to develop multiple intellectual activities of the students. The primary focus has been to bring out the innate qualities in the students and to focus on the growth of the ‘educand’ or the student.

To develop the citizen and build citizenship that which is value oriented learner based and student centric classes. That are not only platform for developing knowledge but also efficient hut of spreading the Knowledge.